Meet 6 of the most famous travel photographers

Meet 6 of the most famous travel photographers
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Providing snippets of reality from the most diverse corners of the world, travel photography interests, intrigues, delights and shocks. Here are 6 of the most famous and respected travel photographers – it is impossible to pass by their work indifferently.

1. Steve McCurry

He is the author of one of the most famous photographs in the world. “Afghan girl” brought Steve McCurry great fame. This portrait was taken in a refugee camp in Peshawar, Pakistan, and has become National Geographic’s most recognizable photograph. Since 1986, McCurry has been a member of Magnum Photos, a prestigious photo agency whose mission is to create a photographic chronicle of the world.


We can follow the artist’s work on his blog or on his profile on Instagram.

2. Eric Lafforgue

He became famous for his reports taken in North Korea, to which he has traveled many times. In addition, he has managed to capture in photographs numerous stories of people scattered across the globe, from the Kuna tribe on the border of Panama and Colombia, to Namibia and Kurdistan. Each photograph hides the unique story of its subjects.



Eric Lafforgue’s photos can be seen on his profile on Instagram and on the artist’s blog, among others.

3. Jimmy Nelson

National Geographic photographer who has documented the farthest corners of our globe. He has photographed both natural and human beauty, capturing fascinating stories in his pictures. His latest album, titled “Before They’re Gone,” features members of extinct tribes from Asia, Europe, South America and the South Pacific. It took him long months to find them, and another as many were needed to gain the trust of these people so he could photograph their daily lives.


See Jimmy Nelson’s work on his blog and on Instagram.

4. Réhahn

French photographer Réhahn is known as a “photographer of souls.” He has lived for years in Hoi An, Vietnam, where he photographs local people and their customs, and works to preserve their memory through initiatives such as The Precious Heritage Project and the Precious Heritage Art Gallery Museum. He has also made a name for himself with reportage from Cuba, Malaysia and India. 



Réhahn’s photos can be viewed on his blog and on his profile on Instagram, among others.

5. Mattia Passarini

The Italian photographer has been living in Asia since 2006, where he documents the daily life of indigenous people living in the most isolated areas of this part of the world. His work mainly focuses on the customs, rituals and traditions of Asia’s disappearing cultures. In 2016, he was honored by National Geographic with the Travel Photographer of the Year award.



You can see more of Mattia Passarini’s photography on his Instagram profile.

6. David Lazar

Award-winning photographer David Lazar has made a name for himself mainly for his reports from Trinidad and Tobago and Myanmar, where he has captured unique corners and unique stories of local people in his photos. In 2012, he won 1st place in the Smithsonian Photography Contest in the “travel photography” category, and in 2014, Garuda Airlines honored him with the Best Cultural Photographer award. Lazar also pilots photography expeditions in Burma, Vietnam and Bali for the Luminous Journeys photography workshop.



You can see more of David Lazar’s work on his blog and on Instagram.



main photo: Ngoylung

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